Our Environmental Commitment

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Everyone and everything, through their daily actions have an impact on the Environment around us. These impacts can be positive or negative, large or small, but none are without relevance or importance. At PEST@REST we believe in minimizing, as much as is possible, our negative impact on the Environment, whilst remaining committed to maximizing our positive effect.

The very nature of our business necessitates a direct impact on the environment, or rather certain organisms within it, as there are many indigenous insects that can negatively impact against us. Vectors of disease such as Mosquitoes can spread disease and death whilst Subterranean Termites cause economic damage and distress as they destroy homes and property.

Negating these threats to our health and property, whilst minimizing our negative effect on the environment and non-target organisms, has become a defining principle of our business. By using a combination of science and nature, we are able to deliver effective, sustainable pest management solutions, protecting our clients and the general public from damage and disease, whilst at the same time reducing undue or avoidable harm to the immediate environment around us.

By promoting this message through outreach programs to schools and associations, as well as to our existing customer and contact base, we aim to promote our environmental message to as many people as possible. We hope that you will join us on this chosen path, and if we can be of any assistance or support, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

OUR CORPORATE COMMITMENT provides professional-quality services dedicated to fulfilling customer needs. This service is underpinned by an integrity that always puts the customer's interest first. To maintain a corporate environment that attracts, motivates, retains, rewards and develops talent and productivity to the fullest. Commitment to strive for outstanding corporate and individual behavior so as to maintain lasting trust and confidence of our customers, employees and suppliers and maintain a level of profitability that sustains growth, ensures quality and provides generous rewards to staff.