WELCOME TO VBS INDIAIn Pest control SUNTECH SERVICES is a young energetic organization with professionalism to provide a pest free environment to provide healthy atmosphere. We had successfully retained our customers for over a decade with our procedure, plan, products which results in efficiency and quality services. In short our Suntech Services is Smart Solutions for pests and Service for Satisfaction.


Unmatched commitment, support and growth are just a few of the reasons. Learn why SUNTECH SERVICES helps you live a PEST FREE life.


In today’s ultra-competitive marketplace, the one thing that powers companies forward is their commitment to customer satisfaction. That’s what has been driving SUNTECH SERVICES ‘s commercial pest management for more than a decade. Quality is our standard and it’s been integral to our success.

Our owner-operator concept produces dedicated people whose futures depend upon fulfilling your facility's pest maintenance service needs. Every staff with expertise in operations and customer service whose primary responsibility is ensuring the satisfaction of our clients.

Our Quality Policy

One of prevalent problem in this industry is consistency in quality and human resource adequacy and quality. Tackling these 2 issues require a dynamic, innovative and comprehensive quality control and human management system to be put in place. We have established and constantly review key processes for quality standards so as to achieve and exceed customers’ requirements and satisfactions. These processes can broadly be identified as :

Through the strict adherence of these frameworks, we hope to distinguish ourselves from the industry and be a leader in our own right.